Fig.1 The current Members and Observers of WAREG


Any entity or legal body which is responsible for the regulation of water and/or wastewater services within a country in Europe may apply for membership or for observer status within WAREG. Any Member of WAREG may contribute towards the decision-making process and may participate in the works of all organisational bodies established within WAREG.

Observers are invited to participate in only the WAREG Assembly but may, on invitation, be involved in  studies, projects or other works carried within WAREG, although they are not included in the decision-making process.






Authority for Utility Regulation - NIAUR
(Northern Ireland)
Commission for Regulation of Utilities - CRU
Council for Water Services - VVU
Danish Competition and Consumer Authority - KFST
Energy and Water Regulatory Commission - EWRC
Energy Regulatory Agency - REGAGEN
Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia - ERC
Estonian Competition Authority - ECA
Flemish Environment Agency - VMM
Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission - GNERC
Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority - HEA
Ministry for Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment - MAGRAMA
Ministry of Ecology, sustainable development and energy - MEDDE
Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change - SSW
National Agency for Energy Regulation - ANRE
National Energy Regulatory Council - VERT
National Romanian Regulator for Public Services - ANRSC
Public Services Regulatory Commission - PSRC
Public Utilities Commission - PUC
Regulator for Energy and Water Services - REWS
Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment - ARERA
Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority - ERSAR
Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority - ERSARA
(Portugal/Azores Islands)
Water Industry Commission for Scotland - WICS
Water Regulatory Authority - ERRU
Water Services Regulatory Authority - WSRA


Ministry of the Environment if the Republic of Poland
Ministry of Water and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey - MoFWA
Swedish Water and Wastewater Association - SWWA
Thé Brussels Energy Regulatory Commission - BRUGEL
Water Services Regulation Authority - OFWAT
(England and Wales)