As the Association of European Public Authorities with economic responsibilities in the drinking water and wastewater sector, WAREG’s mission is to promote and facilitate closer collaboration, knowledge exchange and capacity-building among our Members, while supporting the implementation of the European legislative acquis on water.

WAREG advocates within the European Institutions and stakeholder associations for the advantages of economic regulation as an instrument to promote:

For the Water Sector

effectiveness and efficiency of operational and investment costs in the water industry

For the Consumers

the protection of the interests of consumers for a stable water sector in Europe

For the Environment

the safeguarding of water resources and the environment to guarantee a water-safe future

For innovation

the convergence of service quality standards and technological innovation

Our objectives

WAREG is a membership organisation that builds upon the support of its Members in facilitating proactive collaboration, knowledge exchange and capacity building activities

Sharing Best Practices

Promote collaboration among Members, exchange and share common practices, carry out joint analysis on regulatory models, tariffs and price setting methodologies in the drinking water and wastewater sector, at national and regional level.

Capacity Building

Organise specialised training, offer technical assistance and exchange know-how, promoting regulatory practices, efficiency of industrial costs, stability of rules and transparency of prices in the drinking water and wastewater sector in Europe.

Promoting Compliance

Support the full implementation of relevant European Union Directives and Regulations in the water sector in EU Member Countries, promote capacity-building on water sector regulation in EU Candidate and EU Partner Countries.

Institutional Advocacy

Open dialogue with EU Institutions, International Organisations, national and regional Authorities and stakeholders, on quality of services, customer protection, innovation and environmental sustainability in the sector.

Who we are

Established in 2014, WAREG is made up of 24 Members and 10 Observers, represented by the highest bodies within national and regional public authorities.

Members participate in all WAREG’s bodies, while Observers are invited to participate in WAREG’s General Assembly meetings.

WAREG’s statutory bodies are the General Assembly, the President, the Vice Presidents, the Board, the Working Groups and the Secretariat.

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