Water Basics Series

Welcome to the Water Basics Series, where we dive into the fascinating world of water regulation and the EU Water Acquis. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects that govern this critical sector.

From economic regulation and tariff structures to water governance and environmental considerations, we explore the essential concepts that shape the water industry. Delve into topics such as the Water-Energy Nexus, water scarcity, and the intricacies of ensuring water quality.

In addition, we shed light on the relevant EU directives and regulations that play a crucial role in water management. Learn about the EU Water Acquis that shape the water landscape across Europe.

At the heart of the Water Basics Series is our mission to inspire a deeper understanding of water economic regulation and the significance of EU directives. By empowering individuals with knowledge, we hope to guide you on a journey of discovery, unveiling the critical importance of water regulation in safeguarding this precious resource.

European Water Acquis

The European Water Acquis It refers to the body of European Union legislation and policies related to the protection and management of water resources. The EU Water Acquis includes a wide range of directives, regulations, and guidance documents that have been developed by the European Union to protect and manage…


Water Economic Regulation

Water Economic Regulation can be defined as “the rules and institutions which set, monitor, enforce and change the allowed tariffs and service standards for water providers”. Follow the numbers and discover more about this topic. In this section of the Water Basics you’ll be able to explore the world of…