2 – EU Vision for Climate Neutrality and the Water-to-Energy Nexus

Panel 2 of EFRWS 2023 dwelled around the keynote presentation from Maria Salvetti, Director of the Water Area, European University
Institute-Florence School of Regulation on the topic of “From energy neutrality to climate neutrality: stakes, requirements and current practices at EU, national and local levels“


Keynote Presentation Panel 2

Keynote Presentation by Maria Salvetti

Discussion Panel 2 EFRWS23

Panel 2 of EFRWS23 was moderated by Karen Kavanagh, Director of Networks and Economic Regulation, Commission for Regulation of Utilities in Ireland.

Speakers in panel 2 were:

  • Michel Sponar, Deputy Head of the Clean Water Services Unit, DG ENV.C2, European Commission
  • Hans Goossens, President, Water Europe, Director-General, de Watergroep
  • Lyubomir Filipov, Vice President, International Association of Waterworks in the Danube Catchment Area
  • Fabio Pulizzi, Chief Editor, Nature Magazine/Water

Summary from EFRWS23

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