PUC’s operational strategy for 2022-2026

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Latvia has developed a new operational strategy for 2022-2026. The new operational strategy sets out strategic objectives, key goals, and KPIs to evaluate results.

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The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Latvia has developed a new operational strategy for 2022-2026. The new operational strategy sets out strategic objectives, key goals, and KPIs to evaluate results.

You can find the original version of this article on PUC’s official website.

The current cycle of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) strategy has been successfully completed, followed by a new stage of development. Concern for the well-being of public service users in a changing market environment, the impact of the European Green Course on the development of regulated sectors are among the key challenges. Against this background,

The new operational strategy sets out three strategic objectives, with three key goals for each objective and performance indicators that will assess their successful implementation and the overall impact of the operation on the market.

In developing the new strategy, vision and mission of PUC have been revised, and the institution’s core values have also been identified:

  • Professionalism
  • Cooperation
  • Liability
  • Development

PUC’s plans for the next five years

Objective 1: High user ability to exercise their rights effectively and get the most out of the market

An educated and active user is able to exercise their rights more effectively to get the most out of the market and contributes to market development. For every user of public services to be able to make choices based on market data, PUC will ensure that the required data is timely, understandable, and easily accessible. For example, for easily comparable information on tariffs for electronic communications services, PUC will develop an online tariff comparison tool that will allow you to choose the most advantageous service offers according to the customer’s habits.

Objective 2 – Sustainable and efficient markets and infrastructure

PUC will foster competition in public services markets by removing barriers, creating geographically wider markets and ensuring equal access to networks. At the same time, sustainable investment in network infrastructure will be supported, ensuring optimal network use and efficient network management.

Given the fact that digitalisation offers the potential for new services to enter the market and enable users to better compare the services available, PUC will pay particular attention to promoting digitalisation among service providers during the new strategy period. PUC will also support the introduction of low emission technologies at economically reasonable costs.

Objective 3 – Responsible and Targeted Regulatory Practices

PUC will provide an innovation-friendly and incentive-based regulatory environment by introducing revenue ceiling methods, regulatory billing, etc. tariff regulation tools and methods appropriate to the dynamic market situation in the energy sector and in other regulated sectors.

PUC will also increase the collection and analysis of data and ensure that information is made available to traders and users, including through impact assessments and a risk-based approach to market surveillance, to ensure an effective decision-making process.

In order to achieve the set goals, PUC will pay special attention to the development of employees’ competencies and skills, which is a prerequisite for the implementation of innovative ideas and successful change management.

* The development of the strategy took six months. During the process, PUC organised 22 meetings with external partners – industry, non-governmental organisations and public authorities, including the PUC Advisory Board, receiving a total of 36 proposals and recommendations. PUC highly appreciates the active participation of both PUC employees and involved participants in the strategy development process.

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