What is EFRWS?

EFRWS is the European Forum on the Regulation of Water Services.

It’s the first multi-stakeholder conference focused entirely on economic regulation in the drinking water and wastewater sector.



The 2nd European Forum focused on the green transition and the actions taken by European Institutions and by national regulators to improve circular economy based activities in the water sector.

The event has been organised on December 1st 2021  in an online format.

EFRWS 2021


The 1° EFRWS has been organized in December 2019. One of the main purposes of Forum has been to reinforce technical and institutional dialogue among institutions and stakeholders, aimed at balancing customers’ needs and affordability and industrial innovation and efficient costs, without harming the environment and future generations.

The Forum assessed some of the most urgent issues for the sector in Europe and worldwide, such as water governance, water utility efficiency, water regulation for innovation and environmental sustainability, and social affordability of tariffs.

EFRWS 2021


WAREG is strongly engaged in exchanging best practices and know-how on economic regulation, among national, European and International Institutions, as well as stakeholders, including associations of operators and customers and the broader scientific community.

The 1st EFRWS held in Rome in 2019 was the first multi-stakeholder conference of its kind in Europe. With 50+ speakers and 200+ participants from all over Europe, it was focused on the governance of the drinking water and wastewater sectors, as well as on best practices of efficient cost-recovery, affordable tariffs and promotion of environmental sustainability.

The 2nd EFRWS this year will highlight the green transition targeted by the EU Green Deal, and the actions taken by European Institutions, National and Regional Regulators to improve circular economy‐based activities in the drinking water and wastewater sectors. On this page you will be able to read more information on the thematic panels of the Forum.