Water Regulators Key To Meet EU Decarbonisation Goals


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3 December 2021 – During the European Forum for the Regulation of Water Services (EFRWS), water regulators called for more harmonised regulation of water and wastewater services in Europe, in line with circular economy and net-zero principles.

Countries with water regulatory authorities demonstrate greater compliance with EU regulation and regulators also have the in-depth knowledge of both the water industry and consumers’ needs. Water regulators have the access needed to collect and analyse data to help move the EU more rapidly towards its net-zero ambitions in the water sector.

During the EFRWS conference on 1 December, EU Environment Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius stressed the importance of water regulators in implementing the green and digital transition in the water sector.

Andrea Guerrini, WAREG President, said, “As water regulators, we believe water and wastewater should be regulated in a similar way to energy in the EU. We support the idea of a Water Framework Directive, inspired by the Energy Framework Directive. This would protect both the environment and consumers as it would ensure that investments in water are made wisely and that tariffs are used in a way that incentivises improvements in European infrastructure.”

WAREG, the Association of European Water Regulators, opened a Brussels office in November 2021 to liaise with policymakers and promote its goal of greater harmonisation in water regulation.

Conclusions from the European Forum on the Regulation of Water Services (EFRWS) at https://www.wareg.org/articles/conclusions-of-the-2nd-european-forum-on-the-regulation-of-water-services-efrws21/

Commissioner Sinkevičius’ speech https://youtu.be/WzVojQVbsaM