Message from WAREG’s President on the Western Balkans Memorandum of Cooperation

Message from WAREG’s President, Andrea Guerrini, on the Balkans Memorandum of Cooperation signed on the 18th of May in Tirana, Albania.

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Message from WAREG’s President, Andrea Guerrini, on the Balkans Memorandum of Cooperation signed on the 18th of May in Tirana, Albania.

Dear Deputy-Minister, Presidents, honourable colleagues,

it is my pleasure to be here today in representation of WAREG the Association of European Water Regulators, and I would like to thank in particular the Chair of the Albanian Regulator for inviting me to this ceremony. Mr Shani is a friend, a colleague and a Vice-President of WAREG who has always been committed to European cooperation.

All the four Presidents are friends and also Members of WAREG, an Association that will always support you and where you can find additional instruments of cooperation, from the bilateral relations with experts to training opportunities and access to direct contacts with European institutions like the Commission and the Parliament, and international organizations like the OECD or the European Investment Bank.

As WAREG, we fully endorse this Memorandum and we will offer our technical expertise and institutional support within our network of European regulators, to support your regional cooperation on the crucial challenges that you have identified and to help you get closer to EU standards and to EU Institutions.

This Memorandum is a truly important sign of the willingness of independent regulators to cooperate between them for the development of the water sector in the Balkans, by sharing knowledge and expertise. You are showing today a substantial commitment to address concrete challenges in the water sector, like:

  • to ensure good quality and sustainable water and sanitation services;
    • to cover the existing gap in implementing the EU water acquis;
    • to act in the context of climate change and energy crisis.

I feel confident that this Memorandum is a cornerstone to strengthen and increase the effectiveness of the already ongoing cooperation and to bring it to a higher level, such as regional cooperation. You can count on WAREG to find the necessary instruments in support of the full implementation of this Memorandum. Let me just remind you, for instance, of the importance to invest in capacity-building and training for the personnel of your Authorities.

Within WAREG you will also find tools to exchange data and information on the performance of the water industry in other EU countries, share methodologies and managerial practices that can make water prices more efficient and affordable and cooperate with EU Institutions.

My best wishes to all of you

Have a look at the official press release on the signing of the Western Balkans Memorandum of Cooperation

On May 18th the following Regulators: the Regulator of Albania (WRA), the Regulator of Montenegro (REGAGEN), the Regulator of Kosovo (ARRU) and The Regulator of North Macedonia (ERC) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to further develop their cooperation and regulatory activities.