The speakers of the 2019 Edition of EFRWS


Rui Cunha Marques - EFRWS 2019

Rui Marques

Lisbon University, Portugal
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Dimitar Kochkov - EWRC Bulgaria

Dimitar Kochkov

EWRC Regulator, Bulgaria
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Sean Ennis

CERRE, Brussels, Belgium
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Martha Baxter at EFRWS 2019

Martha Baxter

OECD, Paris, France
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Simon Porcher at EFRWS 2019

Simon Porcher

University of Paris Sorbonne, France
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Giulia Romano at EFRWS 2019

Giulia Romano

University of Pisa
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Milo Fiasconaro at EFRWS 2019

Milo Fiasconaro

Aqua Publica Europea
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Claudia Castell-Exner at EFRWS 2019

Claudia Castell-Exner

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Gari Villa-Landa Sokolova at EFRWS 2019

Gari Villa-Landa Sokolova

Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation AEAS
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Thanassoluis - EFRWS 2019 Moderator Panel 2

Emmanuel Thanassoulis

Aston Business School & Aston University
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Laura Brien at EFRWS 2019

Laura Brien

CRU, Ireland
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Stjepan Gabric at EFRWS 2019

Stjepan Gabric

World Bank Danube Water Program (DWP)
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Urakami at EFRWS 2019

Takuya Urakami

Kindai University, Osaka, Japan
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Alan Horncaste at EFRWS 2019

Alan Horncastle

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SUTHERLAND - EFRWS 2019 - 2 panel discussant

Alan Sutherland

WICS, Scotland, UK
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David Saal at EFRWS 2019

David Saal

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Fabrizio Erbetta at EFRWS 2019

Fabrizio Erbetta

University of Piemonte Orientale
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Peter Dane - EFRWS 2019 - 2 Panel Discussant

Peter Dane

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Heather Smith at EFFRW 2019

Heather Smith

Cranfield University
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Szilvia Szalóki at EFRWS 2019

Szilvia Szalóki

HEA, Hungary
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Elena Gallo - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Elena Gallo

ARERA, Italy
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Sarah Gillman - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Sarah Gilman

WICS, Scotland UK
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Francesco Fatone - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Francesco Fatone

Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy
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Peyo Stanchev - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Peyo Stanchev

Brunel University, London, UK
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Kovacs - EFWRS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Zsuzsanna Nagy-Kovács

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Cedric Prevedello - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Cedric Prevedello

Aquawal, Belgium
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Montserrat Termes - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Montserrat Termes

Cetaqua. Spain
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Hay Koppers - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Hay Koppers

Aquaminerals, Netherlands
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Luca Lo schiavo - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 3 Discussant

Luca Lo Schiavo

ARERA, Italy
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Riccardo Scarpa at EFRWS 2019

Riccardo Scarpa

University of Verona, Italy
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Ana Barreto Albuquerque - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 4 Moderator

Ana Barreto Albuquerque

ERSAR, Portugal
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Katchiev - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 4 Discussant

Ivaylo Kastchiev

EWRC, Bulgaria
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Francesco Lo passo - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 4 Discussant

Francesco Lo Passo

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Gareth Davies - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 4 Discussant

Gareth Davies

Pöyry Management Consulting
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Reinhard Perfler

University on Natural Resources & Life sciences, Austria
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Celine Nauges - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 4 Discussant

Céline Nauges

Toulouse School of Economics, France
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Rita Martins - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 4 Discussant

Rita Martins

University of Coimbra, Portugal
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Michele Tettamanzi at EFRWS 2019

Michele Tettamanzi

REF Ricerche, Italy
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Rob Sheldon - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 4 Discussant

Rob Sheldon

Accent, UK
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Leon Fields - EFRWS 2019 - Panel 4 Discussant

Leon Fields

Oxera, UK
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ROUNDTABLE with rapporteurs from Parallel Panels 1, 2, 3, and 4

Nadia Weekes - EFRWS 2019 - Final

Nadia Weekes

ENDS Europe, Haymarket Media Group
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