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Interview with Marko Bislimoski, President of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) of the Republic of North Macedonia

President, the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) is the national multi-sector regulator that, like all WAREG Members, has had to face big challenges in all regulated sectors in the past year, because of the primary shock caused by the COVID -19 pandemics. What was your best plan for absorbing such shock?…… Date 29 March 2021
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The role of the Albanian economic regulator in the water and wastewater sector

The national economic regulator for water and wastewater services of Albania (ERRU) has the legal mandate to monitor local water and wastewater operators, in order to avoid possible abuses of their monopolistic power on water supply and sewerage services.

Water supply services typically have high costs, but they are vital for local communities, which makes consumers willing to pay even higher tariffs that ensure access to such services. Due to the monopolistic nature of these services local water utilities may apply unjustified high tariffs.

Date 27 January 2021
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Tariff Regulatory Frameworks in WAREG Member Countries

Water tariffs in Europe

This report is an analysis of water tariffs in Europe. The analysis is carried out throughout Europe, among WAREG Members and represents an essential tool to understand water tariffs.

WAREG the European Association of Water Regulators

WAREG is the Association of European Regulators in…

Date 13 April 2019
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