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Technical Guide on Quality Assessment of Water and Waste Services Provided to Users – 4th Generation

ERSAR Publishes the Technical Guide on Quality Assessment of Water and Waste Services Provided to Users – 4th Generation

After receiving and analysing the sector’s contributions, ERSAR published the 27th Technical Guide, which focuses on the 4th Generation of indicators on the quality assessment system for water and waste services.…

Date 28 April 2022
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ERSAR’S March Conferences

Under the motto “Thinking about the future”, ERSAR promoted its first annual edition of the “March Conferences”, which took place at the knowledge Pavilion in Lisbon. A challenge that ERSAR launched to national and international experts, partners and all stakeholders within the water and waste sectors to share reflections, best…

Date 28 April 2022
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WAREG 24th General Assembly

WAREG has organised its 24th General Assembly on Friday 22. The 24th has been the first General Assembly to be organised in a hybrid format. ERSARA, the Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority of Azores, hosted the Assembly.

WAREG Members discussed the most recent activities of the association and…

Date 25 April 2022
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PUC’s operational strategy for 2022-2026

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Latvia has developed a new operational strategy for 2022-2026. The new operational strategy sets out strategic objectives, key goals, and KPIs to evaluate results.

You can find the original version of this article on PUC’s official website.

The current cycle of…

Date 31 March 2022
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Tariff setting process 2023-2028, new policy frameworks from VMM (Belgium, Flanders Region)

In 2022, the Flemish drinking water companies will submit a tariff plan to substantiate their drinking water tariffs for the next 6 years to the Flanders WaterRegulator.  

In preparation for the new plans, the WaterRegulator prepared new policy frameworks to encourage water companies to define long-term and operational…

Date 28 March 2022
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Setting the tariffs for the period 2022-2024 for service providers in Kosovo

An article by ARRU – Water Services Regulatory Authority of Kosovo on the Tariff Setting process for the period 2022-2024. 
Discover more about Tariffs in Kosovo

According to the legal framework, the Water Service Regulatory Authority (WSRA) of Kosovo initiates a tariff review process every 3 or 5…

Date 26 February 2022
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Conclusions of the 2nd European Forum – EFRWS21

Conclusions of the 2nd European Forum on the Regulation of Water Services

In Europe, there are many ways to regulate the water sector from an environmental and economic point of view. The various types of regulatory models currently in place are strictly connected to local, regional and national rules adopted…

Date 2 December 2021
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Water Sector Challenges in the Western Balkans – Editorial

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal for Water (SDG 6) sets major objectives regarding access to safely and adequately managed services, water quality, water efficiency, integrated water management, and the protection and restoration of water-related ecosystems. The SDGs also called on the water and sanitation community to expand supporting instruments…

Date 29 November 2021
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October Newsletter

The October Newsletter from WAREG – European Water Regulators, a tool to deepen your knowledge on water and wastewater issues in Europe. October Newsletter

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Date 29 October 2021
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Water Regulatory Governance across Europe – Report

Water governance across Europe. Download the report.

WAREG presents its latest paper, an analysis of the water governance in Europe from 26 Members and Observers.

The governance has been analysed highlighting 3 main aspects for each country: …

Date 25 October 2021
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