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Energy is highly-regulated in the EU — water, less so

Article from Brussels Morning

By Andrea Guerrini

Brussels (Brussels Morning) Europe boldly leads the world in environmental legislation yet, when it comes to water, EU regulation still shows a relatively light touch. As European water regulators, we believe water and wastewater should be regulated in a similar way to…

Date 22 December 2021
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WAREG opens Institutional Office in Brussels

WAREG and BRUGEL signed the Hospitality Agreement that formally establishes the WAREG’s Institutional Office in Brussels, at Avenue des Arts 46.…

Date 20 December 2021
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Tariff Process (2022-2026) from BRUGEL (Belgium – Brussels Region)

In December 2021, BRUGEL approved the water tariffs for the period 2022-2026 as well as the general sales conditions of Vivaqua. This is a major first for the Brussels-Capital Region. These new fair and equitable tariffs (which define both the price of drinking water, for residential and professional use, and wastewater…

Date 8 December 2021
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Water Regulators Key To Meet EU Decarbonisation Goals


3 December 2021 – During the European Forum for the Regulation of Water Services (EFRWS), water regulators called for more harmonised regulation of water and wastewater services in Europe, in line with circular economy and net-zero principles.

Countries with water regulatory authorities demonstrate greater compliance…

Date 3 December 2021
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ERSAR (Portugal) assigns quality seals to water services

ERSAR (Portugal) assigns quality seals to water services. The distinctions are awarded to water operators who provide water supply and wastewater services and have stood out for their excellent performance during 2019 and 2020.
This ERSAR‘s initiative, which has the participation of a significant jury representing the sector, aims to distinguish…

Date 17 November 2021
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Regulators’ eye on EU Water Directives: WAREG opens in Brussels

November 11 2021

Ensure an adequate supply of water at affordable tariffs. This is the task of the regulatory authorities of the various EU countries.
WAREG, the European Association of Water Service Regulators, has since yesterday an office in Brussels to closely follow the evolution of EU Directives and the main…

Date 11 November 2021
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3rd workshop on utilities aggregation

We continue our series of workshops on the aggregation of water utilities! The 3rd workshop, “Water and sanitation services aggregation: from expectations to achievements in selected countries”, is a joint online event organised by WAREG and Florence School of Regulation – FSR Energy, on Wednesday 15th of September from 10.00…

Date 16 September 2021
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Monthly Newsletter Subscription

WAREG’s monthly newsletter! Click on this link to subscribe and receive every month news from water regulators from all around Europe.…

Date 15 June 2021
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Albanian and North Macedonian Water Regulators sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of water sector

On the 26th of May 2021 the Water Regulatory Authority of Albania (ERRU) and the Energy and Water Services Regulatory Commission of the Republic of North Macedonia (ERC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at developing a long-term cooperation, and exchanging best practices on water sector regulatory models and on the performances of water utilities.

Date 26 May 2021
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Election of the new Board

Our 21st General Assembly has elected the new Board. The renewed Board of the Association is formed by:

– Andrea Guerrini Commissioner at ARERA –  Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment (Italy) 

– Hugo Pacheco Chairman of the Board of Directors at ERSARA – Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority of…

Date 12 November 2020
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